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Silas Rabbani
Present Truth Ministries

Three Christian men -- Matthias Haghnejad, Silas Rabbani and Behnam Irani -- were recently charged with "spreading corruption on earth," a serious offense that may be punishable by death. The new charges appear to be part of a surge in repression targeting religious and ethnic minorities under the country's leader, President Rouhani.

Pastor Matthias Haghnejad, who was arrested along with two other believers in July, was previously charged with the lesser crime of "enmity against God." There are particular concerns surrounding the pastor's safety, as authorities appear to be targeting him actively. Meanwhile, Pastor Behnam Irani has been handed this serious charge as part of 18 new charges recently placed against him. Sources claim that all three men, who are being held separately at Ghezal Hesar Prison in Karaj, have been pressured into confessing that they are "spies." (For previous prayer reports on Pastor Matthias, please visit this page; and for reports regarding Pastor Behnam, you may visit this page.)

Lift up these three persevering believers in prayer, asking our faithful and ever-present Saviour to be near to them as they suffer such injustice for His sake. May they each be acquitted of this serious new charge and freed to return to their anxious loved ones. Until then, pray that God will use them in a powerful way to minister to fellow prisoners and guards who do not yet know Jesus Christ personally. Please also intercede for Iran's president and other governing authorities...that they may not only respect religious freedom for all citizens, but ultimately come to faith in the one true God themselves.