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Iranian believers studying the Bible - Photo: Release International www.releaseinternational.org
Photo: Release International

Iranian Christians are witnessing one of the fastest growing underground church movements in the world. Yet, along with this exponential growth, are the fires of intense persecution. Any form of evangelism committed by Christians is considered illegal and, therefore, can even lead to the death penalty. Faith in Christ results in serious consequences and converts from Islam face arbitrary arrest and detention. In addition, they are often forced to divulge information on other Christians.

Despite the severity of opposition, the Iranian church is growing rapidly. One media outreach, Sat-7, reports that at least two to three people every day contact the ministry to acknowledge their newfound faith in Christ. Today's media has proven to be a major resource in reaching this nation which is presently closed to more traditional methods of evangelism. To further utilize the effectiveness of media ministry, VOMC also partners with Hovsepian Ministries in the production of videos that are being used for outreach throughout Iran and around the world. For more information, go to Hovsepian.com.