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A missionary to youth in Laos was recently charged with human trafficking, an offense that carries a hefty fine and a prison sentence of five to 50 years. Brother K was arrested and charged with human trafficking in May after he went to a police station to seek the release of 24 young people. The youths had been detained while travelling to a Christian training conference, where Brother K was serving as a leader. Brother K denied involvement in human trafficking and invited the officers to visit the conference centre to see what the students were being taught. Taken aback by his boldness and concerned that the offense would become known as a persecution case, police released the 24 students but detained Brother K. After bail was set, Brother K bargained to reduce the amount and police agreed on a sum equal to three months' wages. The youth later held their training session at a hastily convened new location.

Thank God for His protection of the students and for the boldness of their leader. Pray that Brother K will continue to persevere in the faith. Pray that Christian youth in Laos will continue to passionately share the gospel with their neighbours. Pray that freedom of religion will truly become a reality in Laos.

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