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A Laotian believer reading her Bible - Photo: VOM USA www.icommittopray.com
Khmu believers face
ongoing opposition.
Photo: VOM USA

It has been a challenging year for a group of Khmu believers in northern Laos. Last April, village leaders demanded that they renounce their Christian faith or leave the village. Eventually, the authorities had a change of heart, allowed them to stay, and issued a proclamation protecting the Christians' right to practise their faith. Over Christmas, eight new families decided to become followers of Christ!

In the middle of the night on January 23rd, however, someone poured gasoline around the home of one of the church leaders and tried to burn it down. Fortunately, the fire had been noticed in time and was extinguished. Those responsible left a note warning Christians in the community that their lives are in danger unless they leave the village. The church leader who was targeted has considered heeding the warning. "If he leaves, many of the Christians will be discouraged," a VOM contact reports.

Pray that the Christians in this village will find the strength to stand firm in the midst of opposition. May the village leadership stand behind their proclamation and give needed support to these believers. Also pray that those responsible for the arson attempt will be led to repentance and faith in Christ by realizing they are opposing God -- their Creator -- who longs to enjoy fellowship with them.