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A proposed law which would have created new restrictions on religious groups has been sent back for further revision in the unrecognized breakaway republic of Transdniester in eastern Moldova. The law would have placed serious restrictions in many areas of religious activities, particularly for foreign religious workers and unregistered groups. The government intends to introduce a new draft but, according to a May 5 report from Forum 18, this will be delayed by at least six months.

Despite the postponement of this law, the government plans to amend the Criminal Code for "illegal activity of sects," increasing the fines by fifteen times and prison sentences for up to one year. In recent years, religious communities that refuse to register with the government have faced harassment and the confiscation of literature. One church building in Tiraspol was threatened with destruction in 2001/02, but the threats were not carried out.

Pray that the work of God's people will go unhindered in Transdniester and throughout Moldova. Pray that further restrictions will not be placed on religious activities and that Christians will be free to worship.

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Country Information

3,583,288 (July 2014 est.)

Ethnicity (%)
Moldovan (75.8), Ukrainian (8.4), Russian (5.9), Gagauz (4.4), Romanian (2.2), Bulgarian (1.9), other (1), Unspecified (0.4)

Religion (%)
Christian (73.36), Non-religious (21.56), Muslim (4.95), Jewish (0.13)

President Nicolae Timofti

Government type

Legal system
Ccivil law system with Germanic law influences

Sources: CIA World Factbook, BBC and Operation World.

Pray for Moldova

Ask God to protect the Christians who face difficulties registering with the government.

Pray the church will be able to help provide for the practical needs of the people in this impoverished country.

Pray new laws will not cause restrictions on freedom for the people of Moldova.


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