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The Christians who were released
Photos from Compass Direct
Nine men who were falsely accused of participating in the December 1997 massacre in Acteal, Chiapas -- including five known to be evangelical Christians -- have been released, according to a November 6 report from Compass Direct. Twenty other prisoners also arrested following the massacre were earlier released in August (click here for more information). The Supreme Court of Mexico ordered the release of the nine men on November 4, ruling that the federal attorney violated legal process, fabricated evidence and false testimonies, formulated non-existent crimes, and provided no concrete arguments establishing culpability. They were released from the federal prison in Cintalapa, Chiapas on November 5 and transported to a temporary housing facility, where they are expected to remain under government supervision for several weeks. In total, the court has released 29 of the 57 prisoners and has ordered retrials for 22 others.

Praise the Lord for the release of these men! Pray for the release of the other falsely accused Mexicans who remain in detention. Pray that detained Christians will witness faithfully to fellow prisoners.

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