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There were several attacks on believers in Chiapas, Mexico in recent months. Evangelicals in the state face frequent threats and attacks by rebel groups and traditionalist religious groups.

In one incident, a Christian community in the state was attacked by a group of 70 armed rebel sympathizers. Nearly 30 people were injured, including women and children. Seven Christians were kidnapped and one was shot in the back and left for dead.

On February 28, three Christians were shot and wounded on their way home from church services in the region of Mitziton. Rebel group members also reportedly threw rocks at cars and blocked the highway in order to prevent medical aid from reaching those injured.

Some of the believers from Tumbala

In the city of Tumbala, rebel sympathizers assaulted approximately 40 Christians who were asleep in their homes. A 49-year-old believer was killed and 20 other Christians were injured. At last report, no suspects had been arrested. (Source: VOM Mexico)

Pray for protection and endurance of faith for these suffering believers. Pray for healing for those injured. Pray that followers of Christ in Mexico will be an example of His love and grace, even to their persecutors.

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