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Protests in Myanmar
Protests in Myanmar.

The nation of Myanmar, also referred to as Burma, has dominated the news in recent days, following a recent military coup. On February 1st, the military seized control just as a new session of parliament was set to open. Thousands of citizens have risen up in protest, but the military has reacted with extreme force, resulting in the deaths of many civilians. In the midst of the fierce oppression, and at the risk of their lives, the people of Myanmar are continuing in the outcry for a return to democracy.

While the country is predominantly Buddhist, there are large groups of Christians, particularly within the Chin and Karen tribal groups. For them, violence is not new; it has been a part of their lives under both elected and military governances. In some cases, Christians have found themselves in areas controlled by Chinese-backed rebel organizations that oppose the Gospel. Other times, the opposition has come from government officials or Buddhist groups. For more on the persecution facing Christians in Myanmar, go to our country report.

A Day of Prayer for Burma has been declared to take place on March 14th. The people of Myanmar, particularly those among the ethnic tribal groups, are calling on Christians around the world to join them in prayer for their nation during this time of upheaval. Their requests are included below....

Please pray with us that the dictators opposing democracy will either have a change of heart or be removed from their positions of power, and that all political prisoners will be released. May the people of Myanmar be granted the establishment of a democratic society that is truly representative of all people. Until then, intercede on behalf of those who are enduring attacks from the military, asking that these citizens will obtain the advocacy and assistance they need. May the message of forgiveness and reconciliation become a reality to all --- including the country's dictators, as well as members of the military and police forces.