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Naveed Masih
Photo from Compass Direct

Naveed Masih, a believer who was arrested and tortured by officials following an Islamic attack on Christians in Gojra, Pakistan in August 2009 (click here for the story), has been granted bail. Although Naveed (32) and his brother, Nauman (25), were arrested in early September for "rioting with deadly weapons and spreading terror with firing," Naveed has since been accused of killing one of the Muslim assailants. This accusation arose after one of the Muslims accused of participating in the attack tried to make a deal with him. When Naveed refused to accept money in exchange for withdrawing his testimony as a key witness, the Muslim implicated him in counter-charges. The Lahore High Courted granted Naveed bail on December 23. The brothers earlier requested bail in October, but only Nauman was released. (Source: Compass Direct)

Thank the Lord that Naveed has been granted bail. Pray for his safety, as he is fearful for his life. Pray that the charges against Naveed and Nauman will be dropped.

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