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Muslims recently ordered 250 Pakistani Christian families to leave their homes in Khanewal district, Punjab province after believers strongly objected to sexual assaults on girls and women by Muslims. The majority of the Christian women and girls in the village work as servants in the homes of Muslim families, where they are often abused. "The Muslim villagers came to us with the expulsion order only after Christian women and girls raised a hue and cry when they became totally exasperated because they were sexually attacked or forced to commit adultery by Muslims on a daily basis," explained a Christian political leader. He also stated that Muslims had been threatening Christian women and girls that they would be kicked out of the village if they refused their sexual advances. Christians have reportedly refrained from going to the local police for help out of fear that false charges of blasphemy could be placed against them. (Source: Compass Direct)

Pray for God's provision for these expelled believers. Pray that Christians in Pakistan will be a bold testimony to those around them. Pray for healing for the women and girls who have been treated so callously. Pray that those targeting Christians for their faith will come to repentance and embrace Jesus as Lord and Saviour.

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