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On June 14, 25 Muslim students attacked Samuel John, a Christian professor at Peshawar University College, after he refused their demands to convert to Islam. Samuel was leaving his home when he was assaulted. His wife, who ran out to help him, was also beaten. Both Samuel, who was in critical condition, and his wife were rushed to a local hospital where they were treated for their injuries. Police have refused to issue a report on the incident. Muslims are reportedly still threatening Samuel, telling him, "Leave the university or accept Islam -- if you don't convert, we will kill your family." Despite the risk, Samuel has stated, "I am a Christian, and Jesus Christ is my Savior -- He provides me with everything."

In Danna village in southern Punjab province, Muslim administrators at the Government High School recently ordered three Christian students in the eighth grade -- Sunil Masih, Shazia Masih and Nasir Naeem -- to leave the school because they refused to convert to Islam. The order came after the students' parents complained about a teacher who was urging the three to convert. The principal, under pressure from other teachers, then told the parents to remove their children from the school. The three families have since fled the area. "The police have refused to help us. We are helpless here," said Sunil's father. (Source: Compass Direct)

Pray for healing for Samuel and his wife. Ask God to equip this couple through His grace to demonstrate His love and forgiveness amid great opposition. Pray for provision and guidance for the families forced to flee. Pray that these parents will continue to be bold witnesses of Christ to their children. Pray that Christians in Pakistan will rely on the Lord's strength and not on their own (2 Corinthians 1:8-9).

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