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A Christian man, Tanvir Masih, and his family are in hiding after Muslim militants accused him of blasphemy. On July 28, Muslims in Bahawalnagar district, Punjab province discovered Tanvir, who is a cleaning worker, using a broom covered with a pharmaceutical firm's advertisement cards bearing a verse from the Qur'an in Arabic that read, "God is the best healer!" They then accused Tanvir of "defiling Muhammad." Tanvir tried to explain that others had given him the cards, which were written mostly in English, and that he did not understand English. The Muslims continued to verbally abuse him and brought the matter to Tanvir's employer, a physician, and a district health officer. The two decided that Tanvir committed no blasphemy -- a decision his accusers appeared to accept. However, as Tanvir came out of the clinic he found irate Muslims had swarmed the road. In fear for his life, Tanvir fled the scene. At last report, he and his family have gone into hiding at an undisclosed location. (Source: Compass Direct)

Pray for safety and courage for Tanvir and his two young sons. Pray that Tanvir will be able to stand firm in his faith, despite the difficulties he is facing. Pray that those who falsely accuse Christians of blasphemy will repent of their unjust ways and come to know Christ as Lord.

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