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Imran Masih

The Voice of the Martyrs was recently able to visit with the family of Imran Masih, a Pakistani Christian man who has been imprisoned since early 2010 on charges of blasphemy (click here for more). Imran Masih's family said that he is in good health and that they are able to visit with him once a week. The visits are limited to 25 minutes, however, and they are only able to sit behind a window and speak with him by intercom. Imran is only allowed to leave his cell twice a day for a head count. His windowless, cement cell is 26 x 20 feet with two small vents and can reach brutally hot temperatures in the summer.

Pray that Imran will be acquitted and released. Pray that he will know the presence and encouraging comfort of Jesus in prison. Pray that his family will continue to rely on the care of the Lord. Pray that the blasphemy laws will be abolished in Pakistan.

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