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A Christian in a remote Pakistani community recently faced pressure from Muslims determined to stop him from sharing his faith. The Muslim men approached "Salman" (not his real name), as he distributed gospel literature. They told him, "We are well aware of what you are doing here; you are trying to convert Muslims to Christianity. We warn you to stop these activities." They also said that if he did not stop he would "face results in the future." Unshaken by their threats, Salman boldly replied, "I am here because my God sent me…. When the Lord asks me to leave this place I will do it, but until then I will not leave."

In another city in Pakistan, officials visited an evangelist's office and asked if he and those present were involved in converting Muslims to Christianity. The officials also asked about the evangelist's source of funding. Christians who work in the office are now under investigation, and authorities are also watching their mail.

Thank the Lord for the enduring faithfulness of these believers. Pray they will continue to rely on Christ to make them firm and steadfast in faith amid pressure and harassment (1 Peter 5:8-10). Pray God will grant wisdom and protection to all those sharing the gospel in Pakistan.

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