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Shahbaz Bhatti, who was assassinated, speaks at a
press conference with Younis Masih’s wife, Meena.
Photo: All Pakistan Minorities Alliance

While serving a death sentence in northern Punjab for blasphemy, Younis Masih suffered a serious heart attack and has since been transferred to a civilian hospital. The situation has been upsetting for his wife Meena and their four children who reside about nine hours' travelling distance away, making visitation difficult since his transfer. There is also concern that Younis could be at greater risk of impending harm by Islamist extremists while in hospital.

Younis, who has been imprisoned for more than seven years, was detained in November of 2005 after a Muslim cleric accused him of making derogatory remarks about Islam's prophet Mohammed. Those in support of Younis report he was falsely accused after requesting that those attending a local Islamic ceremony "make less noise." An appeal has been presented against his death sentence, resulting in a court hearing that is scheduled for January 17th. For more on the challenges facing fellow believers in Pakistan, go to the Pakistan Country Report.

Please intercede to our Lord, the Great Physician, for the complete healing and recovery of our dear suffering brother. Pray that Younis will receive excellent care and protection while in hospital and that he may have the comfort of his family's presence. Ask the Lord for His favour upon Younis at the court hearing, and that all those involved will witness His mighty intervention.