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Younis Masih’s wife, Meena,
is pictured here with Shahbaz Bhatti,
who spoke on Younis’ behalf.
Photo: All Pakistan Minorities Alliance

The VOM ministry team is pleased to announce the good news that Younis Masih has just been released by the High Court in Lahore. (His release took place on April 3rd). The father of four, who suffered a serious heart attack this past January while in custody, has been imprisoned since November 2005. Please pray for God's perfect peace and ongoing protection of Younis and his reunited family as they rebuild their lives together. We can also thank the Lord for the courage of the High Court judges who resisted pressure from all those in opposition, ensuring that justice was done. May His blessings be upon them as well for upholding the truth in the court of law. For a past report on this believer's case, review this story.