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Pray for the protection of young Christian women in Pakistan.
Photo: Flickr / Flying Cloud

According to the Legal Evangelical Association Development (LEAD), a Christian relief and advocacy group, Fouzia Bibi of Village Roday (District of Kasur) was a victim of sexual assault. During the early evening of January 25th, 2013, 15-year-old Fouzia was bringing milk to the landlord from one of his nearby cattle areas. Along the way, two Muslims armed with pistols, Sher Muhammad and Shabir Ali, reportedly abducted and imprisoned her in a room. The alleged assailants then brutally raped and tortured her. No one could hear the cries of the victimized Christian girl who was left unconscious.

The girl's father, Malooka Masih, notified National Director LEAD Advocate Sardar Mushtaq Gill on May 24th that a bail hearing had been filed in Lahore's High Court for the alleged perpetrators. Prior to this, the victim's cousin, Alam Ashiq, was helping the Christian family throughout the ordeal. However, Fouzia's father was recently notified that those accused of the rape had enlisted law enforcement cooperation from the city of Muridkey. This has resulted in Alam being arrested for involvement in "a case" (details not known), which was registered against "unknown people" about six months ago. Using Alam as a lever, law enforcement officials are pressuring the family to compromise on the charges so that bail can be granted to the alleged rapists.

Representative Sardar Mushtaq Gill appeared before a deputy superintendent of police in Muridkey in an attempt to advocate for justice in the case. He said it is a common occurrence for complainants to be pressurized by a variety of different tactics, including making them allegedly involved in unspecified crimes with the intent of bringing about "compromise." Read about other cases of injustice at the Pakistan Country Report.

First of all, let's lift up in prayer young Fouzia who has been violated and traumatized by the violent assault. May our compassionate Saviour minister greatly needed comfort and healing in her life. Also pray for Fouzia's devastated family who are not only concerned for her well-being but now also must contend with the injustice and manipulation of law enforcement officers. Ask for God's mighty intervention in the situation...granting wisdom to the family's legal representatives, favour with the court officials, dismissal of the false charges against Alam, required disciplinary measures for the perpetrators, and an extra measure of strength and spiritual encouragement for the entire family.