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pk asia bibi vomaus
Photo: VOM USA

Since her conviction for blasphemy in 2010, Asia Bibi has been in the prayers of thousands of Christians around the world. Convicted of insulting the prophet Mohammed, she faces a death penalty. All appeals to this point have been futile, despite pressure being applied from within Pakistan, as well as by other governments and organizations internationally. For more information on Asia Bibi's case, we encourage you to review the Pakistan Country Report.

Even though Asia remains in prison, separated from family and friends, her lawyer reports that she is healthy and in good spirits. The lawyer is presently working on the date of a new hearing which will hopefully overturn her conviction. Please continue to pray for Asia's personal needs, as well as those of her family. Also pray that the legal system in Pakistan will be changed, the protests and threats of her militant accusers silenced, and for Asia to be safely released.