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Asia Bibi - Photo: World Watch Monitor www.worldwatchmonitor.org
Asia Bibi
Photo: World Watch Monitor

If reports from CNN and other notable sources are accurate, Asia Bibi finally arrived in Canada on May 8th, more than six months after all charges against her were dismissed. Following multiple false rumours since the October 31st court ruling, it is now reported that Asia has arrived in Canada with her husband, and the couple are staying in an undisclosed location with their children. Further information on the family's location will remain confidential for security purposes.

Assuming the accuracy of the reports, we praise God for this wonderful news! May He abundantly bless Asia and her family with encouragement and provision as they begin a new life here in Canada. Pray for their safety, as threats against them continue despite their relocation. For the many other believers in Pakistan who are still facing threats and imprisonment for their faith, ask the Lord to intervene mightily on their behalf -- ministering in ways that will not only provide help to them but also bring glory to His all-powerful name.