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After more than two weeks of apparent investigative searching, police have been unable to find two Christian girls who were kidnapped on March 7th from the Christian colony of Ghaziabad Aorangi Town which is located within the capital city of Karachi. A Christian lawyer involved in the case stated that, because the girls are Christians and their families are poor, the police have shown little interest in finding them. She asserted, "Police often side with the criminals, while courts bring Sharia law into consideration and decide these cases in favour of the kidnappers."

Merab Mohsin was on her way home from school when she disappeared. The same day, Mariam David was kidnapped off the street. While charges have been laid against Muhammad Noman, and three accomplices have also been arrested, the teenage girls have still not been located.

The abductions of Christian girls and women in Pakistan have been increasing. Frequently, the kidnapped victims are subjected to forced conversion to Islam and marriage to their kidnappers, or they are sold into marriage. For more information, or to read about other similar cases of persecution, go to our country report.

Pray for the safety of Merab and Mariam, asking the Lord to provide them divine protection and a miraculous rescue from captivity. Please also pray that the families of both girls will receive greatly needed encouragement and strength during this time of uncertainty. Finally, may God touch the hearts and minds of the kidnappers, as well as the authorities, leading them to ensure the safe return of these young women – and others remaining in captivity – to their concerned families.

Current Ministry Projects

VOMC partners to train Christian women in sewing skills throughout Pakistan to provide a sustainable source of income for their families and encourage them in their faith and witness for Christ.

Project Funds: Families of Martyrs, Women’s Ministry

Country Information

238,181,034 (July 2021 est.)

Ethnicity (%)
Punjabi (44.7), Pashtun [Pathan] (15.4), Sindhi (14.1), Saraiki (8.4) Muhajirs (7.6) Balochi (3.6), Other (6.3)

Religion (%)
Islam (96.5), Other - Christian and Hindu (3.5)

President Arif Alvi (2018)

Government type
Federal parliamentary republic

Legal system
Common law system with Islamic law influence

Source: CIA World Factbook

Pray for Pakistan

Pray that amendments will be made to Pakistan's existing blasphemy laws so that the country's citizens – including its children – will be protected from injustice and abuse. May our Lord's mercy and justice prevail, not only in the judiciary system but also in the hearts of the country's militants. Ask Him to transform their "hearts of stone" into hearts that are receptive to His love, mercy and the workings of His Holy Spirit – not only for the purpose of protecting the Christian minority but also for the salvation of their own eternal souls.


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