• Pastors Charged Due to Anti-Conversion Laws (India) 2021-10-21

    Seven pastors were arrested on October 10th in the Mau district of Uttar Pradesh, India. They were accused of violating the state's anti-conversion legislation, and subsequently charged with "illegal assembly."

  • Two Arrests Relating to Case of Slain Pastor (Uganda) 2021-10-21

    Faluku Gaju was arrested for his part in Pastor Barnabas' murder.Photo: Morning Star News Two men in eastern Uganda have been charged after the September 12th murder of an evangelist, Pastor Barnabas Musana. According to another pastor from a nearby village, some of the militant Muslims in the...

  • Evangelist Released for the Sixth Time This Year (China) 2021-10-21

    Chen WenshengPhoto: ChinaAid Chen Wensheng has gained a reputation as a "Gospel Warrior" for his evangelistic work. After this former drug addict came to faith in Christ, he zealously desired to spread the wonderful news of the miraculous freedom he had experienced. Following examples of the...

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