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South Sudan’s upcoming split leaves
the future of Christians uncertain.

Sudanese Christians request continued prayer as the North and South prepare to separate on July 9, in accordance with a referendum held in January (click here for more). Alarming developments include the North's intention to implement Shariah, or Islamic law, more strictly, potentially reducing the limited freedoms given to Christians and other non-Muslims. There is also fear that, with many Christians fleeing the South, the remaining believers will be especially vulnerable to pressure and attacks.

Additionally, the parameters of the North-South border remain hotly disputed at several points. In the province of Abyei, a referendum has been delayed and attempts to assert military control have erupted in violence in recent months. There have also been violent clashes in other provinces and increased violence in the western region of Darfur. Thousands of people have been displaced and forced to flee to the South in the wake of the violence.

Pray the rights of all Christians in Sudan will be respected. Pray for special guidance for Church leaders as they adapt to the changes posed by operating under two legal systems. Pray the two governments will rule justly for the benefit of all citizens. Pray the peace of the Lord will reign throughout Sudan and that violence will cease.

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