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Yet another Christian was murdered in Mogadishu earlier this month. "Sufia" was killed by a group of armed men who burst into her home and dragged her outside, shooting at neighbours who tried to rescue her. The suspects then fled, and police are still searching for them. Sufia's parents, who were present at the time of the assault, were physically unharmed but are now mourning the devastating loss of their daughter.

Somalis who are discovered as followers of Jesus face almost certain death, not only those in their own country but also in neighbouring countries where many Somali believers are forced to flee as refugees. "In Somalia, they kill you if they just find a piece of literature," a VOM source explained.

As members of one body in Christ, let us join with Sufia's loved ones in their suffering and grief at this time (1 Corinthians 12:26). Pray that, in their deep loss, they will trust wholeheartedly in Jesus Christ concerning the promise of His salvation, having the assurance that Sufia's now experiencing the reality of heaven with Him. May the gunmen be found and brought to justice. But even more importantly, may these perpetrators repent of their wrongdoing and come to faith in our Lord. Pray that the church in Somalia will continue to grow, despite the harsh persecution God's children endure.

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