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On October 2, four anti-Christian militants attacked Vikranta Rao, a Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported missionary, while he and another GFA-supported missionary, Nirav Pillai, showed a movie about Jesus in a South Asian village. Vikranta was praying for the people as they watched the film when the attackers came. The attackers accused Vikranta of forcing people to convert to Christianity and assaulted him before calling the police. The police arrested Vikranta, instead of his attackers. They made him spend the night in a jail cell without food or adequate medical attention.

Nirav, who was operating the projector at the time of the attack, managed to escape the brutal beating. He fled and reported the situation to GFA's ministry office in the state. A GFA state leader went to the police station and managed to secure Vikranta's release the following day.

Please commit Vikranta to the Lord, that he may be healed, fully restored and strengthened to continue the good work that the Lord has prepared in advance. Pray that those who saw the film would be impacted by its message. Pray for the perpetrators and the police, that God would soften their hearts toward Christians in the region.