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The demolished church

Photo: Morning Star News

Authorities destroyed a church building in Thiba Al Hamyida, North Khartoum, on June 30th. The previous day, officials interrupted the congregation's Sunday service and announced the planned demolition.

The church's leader, Rev. Kwa Shamal, attempted to stop the destruction by appealing to the North Khartoum Commissioner and providing evidence that the Church of Christ was the legitimate owner of the land. However, the reverend was reportedly informed that the government had intended to destroy the church since 2012 to make way for the construction of a hospital. However, although the church building was levelled, a mosque located on the same plot of land was allowed to stand.

Approximately 70 security personnel armed with guns and tear gas were present at the scene of the demolition. Onlooking church members were threatened with arrest if they tried to intervene. "Even if they destroy this church building, our God is still good all the time," a church member shared. "We, the believers, are the real church. We are asking you to continue to pray for us because of the great challenge we are facing."

Christians in Sudan have come under increasing pressure since the secession of South Sudan in January of 2011. In April of 2013, the government announced that new church licenses would no longer be issued. Since then, the destruction of church buildings has continued unabated.

Please pray that these brothers and sisters in Christ will soon acquire a new building in which to worship. In the meantime, may they continue to meet together for fellowship, praising our Most High God for His great faithfulness and unending goodness. May their spiritual zeal lead many neighbours to inquire about our Saviour Jesus Christ and come to faith in Him! As Christians throughout Sudan face increasing pressure, pray that the Holy Spirit will strengthen their resolve to proclaim Him as Lord of all and follow steadfastly in His ways, leading to a mighty revival in this area of the world.