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Daniel and Meriam
Photo: Gabriel Wani / Facebook

Meriam Ibrahim, the courageous woman who refused to deny her Christian faith -- even at the risk of execution -- finally arrived in the United States with her family on July 31st. It was reported in one of VOMC's previous prayer alerts that Meriam, her husband Daniel, and their two children had left Sudan for Italy on July 24th after negotiations had been made between the two countries. The family has now settled in New Hampshire, where extended family members are willing to assist them in the rebuilding of their lives. (For more information on Meriam and her family, you can read this past prayer alert.)

Meanwhile, Faiza Abdalla, 37, a Christian woman arrested in Sudan on April 2nd under similar circumstances, remains in prison due to accusations of adultery for marrying a South Sudanese Christian and apostasy because of her Muslim name. Faiza was arrested after Immigration/Citizenship officials questioned her right to a Christian identity on the grounds that Abdalla is a Muslim name. On April 8th, a court annulled Faiza's marriage to a South Sudanese believer who fled the country two years ago because of persecution. The Christian woman's parents converted before she was born, meaning they too might be accused of apostasy.

First, let us give praise to God that Meriam and her family have safely arrived in the United States! May He continue to grant them healing and direction as they rebuild their lives. May He also use this family's incredible testimony for the building of His Kingdom, especially as they now utilize their newfound freedoms as a means of expressing their gratitude for His faithfulness and deliverance. At the same time, please remember in prayer those who remain wrongfully detained in Sudan for their Christian faith, including Faiza. Ask God to supernaturally protect her while in detention, making a way for her to be released. Please also pray that the Sudanese officials will respect religious freedom for all citizens, so that believers like Faiza and her family will cease to be persecuted for their deeply held beliefs and convictions.