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Meriam Ibrahim and her husband, along with
their two children, are surrounded by part
of the legal team shortly after her release.
Photo: Hardwired

Five lawyers who defended Meriam Ibrahim, a Christian woman who was sentenced to death for apostasy, have been accused of tarnishing "the image of Sudan by allowing human rights organizations to put pressure on the government." On September 15th, they were prohibited from leaving the country and face the possibility of having their licenses revoked. Since Meriam's death penalty was overturned in June, the lawyers have received threats from extremist groups accusing them of being "un-Islamic." The lawyers are not followers of Jesus, but willingly defend Christians and other minorities in Sudan.

Meanwhile, Meriam and her family are continuing to settle in the United States after leaving Sudan in late July. In a recent interview, Meriam recounted her time in prison, stating, "The situation was difficult but I was sure God would stand by my side." She further spoke of her desire to campaign for others who are facing religious persecution, and expressed that she hopes to someday return to Sudan. (For more information on Meriam's charges and later release, please visit our website.)

Remember these five lawyers in prayer, asking that God will protect them from those who wish them harm. May "justice roll on like a river" in this situation (Amos 5:24), so that these lawyers will be free to continue serving Christians and other minorities who so desperately require legal representation. Also, please keep in prayer Meriam and her family as they continue to adapt to their new life in the United States. May the Lord use them in a powerful way to extend His Kingdom purposes both here in the West and in Sudan.

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