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Remains of a Sudanese church in North Khartoum.
Photo: Morning Star News

Following the secession of South Sudan in July 2011, Sudanese Christians have experienced escalating attacks resulting from a government policy to eradicate Christianity from the country. Since 2012, Sudan has expelled foreign Christians and bulldozed many church buildings on the pretext that church property belongs to investors. (For more information on the persecution taking place in this country, click here.)

The most recent attack at the end of November included a wrecking crew (accompanied by police carrying weapons) to bulldoze the Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Church's "Khartoum Bahri Evangelical Church," along with some houses – including one belonging to Nile Theological College.

Police beat worshippers and arrested 38 for refusing to surrender the property, but the Christians resisted the attacks. "Boisterous young men" willing to die for their faith faced off with police, and church members formed a human shield to ward off additional demolition attempts. One of the arrested believers announced: "We have enjoyed worshipping and praising God in prison. The power of God was present among us."

Officials claim they have a court order demanding that church leaders surrender the property to a Muslim businessman who signed a contract giving him a right to invest in land. Church leaders who hold property ownership papers suspect the government made a secret agreement to sell him the church's property as part of Sudan's campaign to eliminate Christianity.

What an inspiration these believers are to the rest of the world through their spiritual fervency and steadfastness! May God continue to strengthen them in the midst of this unseen heavenly battle, also serving as their divine Advocate and Mediator when dealing with officials over the legalities of property rights. Pray that as these Christians lift up the name of Jesus in both word and deed, their adversaries will themselves come to realize their need of salvation through our Risen Saviour.

Country Information

46,751,152 (July 2021 est.)

Ethnicity (%)
Sudanese Arab (70), Fur, Beja, Nuba and Fallata (30)

Sunni Muslim, small Christian minority

President (vacant)
Military transitional council under General Abdel Fattah Abdelrahman al-Burhan

Government type
Presidential republic

Legal system
Mixed legal system of Islamic law and English common law

Source: CIA World Factbook

Pray for Sudan

Pray that Christians throughout Sudan will continue to entrust themselves to Christ and preach the Gospel boldly, knowing Jesus is the ruler over the kings of the earth (2 Timothy 1:7-12, Revelation 1:5).

Pray also that peace, justice and religious freedom may be firmly established.


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