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These spiritual leaders and their families
are praising God for the good outcome.
Photo: ACLJ

On July 14th, two South Sudanese pastors, who were on trial for crimes calling for the death penalty, were convicted on lesser counts and released on time served. Although agents from Sudan's notorious National Intelligence and Security Services had initially arrested the pastors, the defense recommended that the court drop the charges due to a critical lack of physical evidence.

Rev. Yat Michael, 49, was convicted of "inciting hatred" for delivering a message of encouragement in December of 2014 to a North Khartoum church in the face of a government-aided takeover of the congregation's property. Rev. Peter Yein Reith, 36, was convicted of "breaching public peace," following his January 11th arrest for submitting a letter of concern from leaders of their denomination, the South Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Church, inquiring about the whereabouts of Rev. Michael.

The wives of these pastors have expressed great relief and happiness over the outcome of the recent trial. "They have been just released after the court found them innocent of the more serious charges," one of the wives confirms. "Tell the whole church that God has heard your prayers and the pastors are now free!" (For a previous prayer alert report on this case, click here.)

While rejoicing with the released pastors and their families over this favourable outcome, let's pray for God's ongoing protection and blessing upon these faithful believers. In fact, may all the church leaders of Sudan be granted wisdom and direction as they lead their congregations during this time of increased pressure due to extremist propaganda. Also, pray that any previously placed travel bans posing hindrance to the pastors' ministry will be lifted so they can freely continue serving in other areas of Africa and beyond.