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Petr Jasek in prison
Praise God for all the releases!

After 510 days in prison, Rev. Hassan Abduraheem and Mr. Abdulmonem Abdumawla, whom were both initially sentenced to 11 years of imprisonment, have recently been released after receiving presidential pardon. The two men were arrested in December 2015, along with VOM's Czech ministry partner Petr Jasek and fellow Christian Rev. Kuwa Shamal. (To review previously posted reports on their situation, click here.)

Rev. Shamal was acquitted of all charges and released in January, while Petr Jasek was released in February, after also being granted presidential pardon. "My joy is now complete as they are free as well," Petr gratefully announced following news of their release.

Petr spoke to Rev. Abduraheem at about midnight local time following his release. "He told me that both he and Abdulmonem were in good health, and excited and so happy to be free. He also expressed thanks to all those who had pushed their case."

Acknowledging the Lord's ability to use their incarceration for His higher purposes, Rev. Abduraheem added that he had no regrets about his time in prison. He was able to encourage Christians in Sudan's various prisons, while his imprisonment also served to encourage and embolden the Sudanese church as a whole.

The recently freed pastor mentioned in his conversation with Petr that he had already forgiven those who interrogated and imprisoned him, and that he felt no anger or bitterness. Rev. Aduraheem then sincerely added, "I pray that the Lord Jesus would reveal Himself to them as Lord and Saviour."

Thank you for joining us in prayer on behalf of these four released Christian prisoners (James 5:16), while being mindful to continue interceding for our other brothers and sisters in Sudan who are under intense pressure from a regime that appears to be set on eradicating Christianity. May God not only give them the spiritual fortitude, grace and encouragement required to persevere but, additionally, more opportunities to preach the "Good News" of the Gospel in both word and deed.