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The church guard's family
Photo: Middle East Concern

On February 8th, a court fined seven Christians between 2,500 and 5,000 Sudanese pounds (about $175 to $350 CAD) for resisting the confiscation of a school belonging to the Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Church in the city of Omdurman. Eighteen other Christians were acquitted. This confiscation follows several other instances of property being seized or destroyed in towns and cities throughout Sudan.

According to a report by Middle East Concern, these problems involving the government took place after the denomination fired members of a committee responsible for church properties because of their fraudulent activities. The Sudanese government intervened and reinstated the members to their committee position, enabling them to sell the church properties to a businessman with close ties to the government.

Similar actions were also forced on the Sudan Church of Christ through a government-imposed committee. Other recent reports of confiscation or destruction of church buildings in Omdurman can be viewed here.

Pray that the Lord's wisdom and guidance will be granted to the Christians of Sudan, as they deal with the government's impositions (Matthew 10:16). Uphold those who are struggling over the loss of their meeting places and, as a result, determining ways in which they can continue gathering together for worship services. Ask for God's divine intervention to take place on their behalf, and for His provision to be made known to the seven believers who were recently fined.