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Photo from Compass Direct

On May 25, the 11th hearing took place in the case against Hakan Tastan and Turan Topal, two Turkish Christians accused of "insulting Turkishness" by allegedly trying to convert others to Christianity (click here for more details). The hearing lasted but a few minutes before it was closed down. Despite the lack of any tangible reason to continue the stalled case, the Silivri Criminal Court set another hearing for October 14. The prosecution has yet to provide any concrete evidence of the charges, which allegedly occurred while the men were evangelizing in the town of Silivri in 2006. Hakan and Turan would like to see the trial conclude by the end of the year. "From the beginning, the charges against us have been filled with contradictions," Turan said. "But we are entirely innocent of all these charges, so of course we expect a complete acquittal." (Source: Compass Direct)

Thank the Lord for the boldness of faith of these two believers. Pray that their Heavenly Father will be their strength and guide. Pray that the charges against them will be dropped.

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