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On May 18, three Christians were given 15-day jail terms following a raid two days earlier on the Church of Christ in Tashkent. The men -- Avanesyan, Dechkov and Adambaev -- were detained immediately. Five other members of the church -- Babaeva, Son, Kim, Avakyan and Ravilova -- were fined at the same trial. Two of the five were fined 80 times the minimum monthly wage (approximately $1,850 CAD). The others were fined five times the minimum monthly wage (approximately $120 CAD). Local Christians are concerned that authorities are working to forcibly close the Church of Christ. (Source: Forum18)

Ask God to give these believers the strength to stand firm despite the opposition. Pray that they will be bold witnesses of Christ's love and truth to their oppressors. Pray that the government of Uzbekistan will fully respect human rights.

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