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Pastor T, a Mennonite from Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, was arrested on June 26. He was beaten in custody and taken to an unknown location. Nu, Pastor T's wife, shared that her husband left home around 10 p.m., but phoned 15 minutes later from Ward 26 of Binh Thanh District Police Station to say he was being held. Nu and other church members went to the heavily guarded police station but the authorities denied having anyone in custody. She called out to her husband from a back door. He heard her and responded, "I'm here. They have brutally beaten me, my jaw and hand are broken, and they have shackled my legs and hands. I'm very tired and am in pain."

Nu implored the police to let her see her husband, but they refused. Later, she witnessed him being taken by car to another location. At the time of writing, Pastor T's condition and location were unknown. His house has been raided. Two weeks earlier, Pastor T was involved in a religious demonstration.

Please pray for Pastor T's health and that he and his wife will know the Lord's comforting and strengthening presence. Pray for his release. Commit Pastor T's congregation to the Lord, praying that they will continue to meet together and provide encouragement to one another during this difficult time.

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