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The Bible school was rebuilt after
initially being demolished in 2010.

At 11 p.m. on June 9th, several hundred people -- including police, government officials, civil defense authorities and hired thugs -- raided the Mennonite Bible School in Binh Duong province.

After breaking through the gate, the assailants began ransacking the buildings, pelting hundreds of stones onto the roof and damaging several doors. They also rounded up and beat 47 students and 29 pastors, some of whom were attending a pastor's retreat at the Bible school. Police also brutally attacked the school's principal, Pastor Nguyen Hong Quang. More than 20 were injured in the attack and were prevented from seeking medical help.

The attackers finally dispersed about two hours later. Despite the intimidation, Pastor Quang is determined to continue the work of the Bible school. (To read about a previous attack on this pastor and school, visit our website.)

As the students, staff and pastors recover from this unwarranted attack, pray that God will grant them full physical and emotional healing. May those who require medical attention be permitted by authorities to receive the care they need. Thank the Lord for the ongoing faithfulness of Pastor Quang. Pray that the unwavering witness of this pastor and other dedicated Christian leaders in Vietnam will be used mightily, serving as Godly examples to both other believers and those who have yet to receive salvation in Christ. Please also pray that Vietnam's authorities will respect religious freedom for all citizens and cease from perpetrating further attacks against this school.

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