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Pastor Quang in the hospital after the attack. 

Two pastors were brutally attacked by five men near their Bible college on the afternoon of January 18th. Pastor Nguyen Hong Quang and his associate pastor were assaulted with bricks and rocks and, after collapsing to the ground, were kicked relentlessly. Both men were taken to the emergency department of the hospital. Pastor Quang sustained broken ribs, as well as facial wounds, including a broken nose and injuries to his teeth and jaw. He was later transferred to a local hospital for further treatment and observation. Thankfully, VOM Australia has provided the necessary funds to cover his treatment costs. At last report, no arrests have yet been made.

Pastor Quang and his Bible college have been targeted multiple times within recent years. In an attack that took place just this past November, nearly 300 assailants threw stones and other objects at the school building. (For more information on that previous attack, visit our website.)

Please pray that the Lord will completely heal and restore both of these pastors. In particular, pray that the symptoms of Pastor Quang's more serious injuries will quickly abate. As these men recover, ask God to strengthen their resolve to fully commit themselves to their ministry work, granting them and all those affiliated with the Bible college divine protection from any potential further attack. Let us also remember the perpetrators of this crime, asking the Lord to extend His mercy and bring them to sincere repentance.

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