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While Pastor Nguyen Cong Chinh remains imprisoned in Vietnam, his wife Tran Thi Hong has been suffering ongoing persecution in a different manner. On April 14th, Tran was taken from her home and brought to the office of the People's Committee of Hoa Lu Ward where she was interrogated for three hours and beaten by plainclothes agents, resulting in injuries to her head, knees, legs, hands and feet.

Before these beatings, officials tried to prevent her from attending a scheduled meeting with David Saperstein, the U.S. Ambassador at Large on International Religious Freedom. The meeting was able to proceed after Tran informed the ambassador's delegation that she had been seized and forced to return home.

In May, Tran was detained and violently interrogated an additional three times. During one of these interrogations, Tran's 18-year-old son tried to intervene in an effort to protect his mother, but was then grabbed and choked by police who had him bound and arrested. Thankfully, he was released later that same day.

Pastor Nguyen, 45, continues to suffer physical and psychological abuse in a Vietnamese prison because of his faith and advocacy for religious liberty. In 2012, he was sentenced to 11 years in prison for allegedly "undermining national unity." Additional information on persecution in Vietnam is available here.

Join us in praying that the unwarranted attacks against Pastor Nguyen and his family will cease, and that he will be released from prison prior to his sentenced term. In the meantime, as this family awaits a favourable outcome, ask the Lord to grant them renewed courage and strength. May those who witness their courage wonder at its source and also come to faith in Him. Intercede for the Vietnamese authorities that they may uphold true justice on behalf of the country's Christian believers and, therefore, act with compassion toward them.