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Hmong believers

For many years, Christians living in the highlands of Vietnam have faced persecution and harassment from both government agents and fellow citizens. In this communist country, where Christianity is considered a threat to the regime, Hmong Christians face frequent discrimination -- to the point of imprisonment and torture.

In the village of Phá Lóm, a group of 33 Protestant believers have experienced ongoing harassment from authorities during recent months. According to their pastor, Hoang Van Pa, they have been told to renounce their faith or suffer the consequences. When the believers refused, the raids took place repeatedly. In addition, four of the believers were arrested and beaten.

In one instance, the Christians were brought to an open trial before others in the community. During the trial, a statue of Buddha was brought to them and they were ordered to bow down before it. At the trial, one of the authorities announced that since there was no Protestant religion in Vietnam, they must convert to Buddhism or be expelled from the country.

This is not a new threat. In 2018, more than 100 Hmong believers were expelled from their homeland and made their way to Thailand, where they have applied for refugee status. For more information on Vietnam, including video reports, click here.

Please uphold these Christian brothers and sisters in your prayers. Pray that they will find the grace and strength of God to stand firm. For those facing expulsion, as well as others who are being threatened in this manner, ask the Lord to divinely lead them so they can establish their future homes in safe and harmonious communities. May God's Spirit continue working in the lives of the opposing villagers, so they too will discover 'hope in Christ' as evidenced through the steadfast witness of the Christians they have been challenging.