Writing short, concise letters to local and national newspaper and magazine editors (both print and online) is a highly effective way of raising awareness of current issues in the global Church.

What should I write?

  • Keep your letter friendly. Remember, you are Christ’s ambassador.
  • Keep your letter short. Concise letters with a single point are more likely to be published.
  • Keep your letter clear. State your subject and purpose in the opening paragraph.
  • Keep your letter relevant. Editors typically print letters that respond to recent articles in their papers or that address current issues of interest.

What should I NOT write?

  • Avoid being confrontational, abusive or offensive.
  • Avoid quoting Scripture. A wise and well-balanced biblical perspective, which serves to address a crisis, problem or other evil, can be conveyed without using Scripture.
  • Avoid preaching. Readers do not buy newspapers to read a sermon.

Click here to download a helpful article on writing to the media written by an editor of The National Post.