Persecution & Prayer Alert

"Who will arise and plead my right
and guard from numerous foes?
When earth and hell increase my plight,
my anxious worry grows!
'God, hold my sliding feet,' I cried.
'Your statutes are my stay;
Your mercies, constant by my side,
must guide me in Your way.'"
~ Hymn lyrics by Isaac Watts 

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Bible study outside of a home - Photo: The Voice of the Martyrs Canada
Pray that God's Word will reach many in India.

A 52-year-old believer was shot dead during an attack on a Christian family by militant Hindu nationalists in India's Rajasthan state on May 18th. According to local sources, three other members of the family were seriously injured after being beaten with a gun, swords and sickles.

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A church in Uganda - Photo: Flickr / Rod Waddington
Christians in Uganda are facing growing opposition.
Photo: Flickr / Rod Waddington (cc)

In September 2015, Siriman Kintu was beheaded because he converted from Islam to Christianity. He left behind his wife Kanifa Namulondo, who had also converted, along with their five children.

Following her husband's death, Kanifa and her children fled their home in Kaliro, Uganda. However, she recently determined to return to the village and, with the help of friends, rebuilt the house. On April 25th, she moved back into the home with her children.

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Pastor Rachid Seighir - Photo: Facebook via Morning Start News
Rev. Rachid Seighir
Photo: Facebook via Morning Star News

On February 27th, Pastor Rachid Seighir and Nouh Hamimi were sentenced to two years in an Algerian prison for allegedly "shaking the faith" of Muslims through the availability of Christian literature in their church-operated bookstore. Although the appeal of their sentence was heard on May 16th (read more), it has been announced that the verdict will be handed down on May 30th.

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Bob Fu
Dr. Bob Fu

Zhao Weikai is a leader of the Xuncheng Reformed Church in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, China. The church had been raided in November 2020 and again on December 30th, when security officers disrupted a Bible study in the home of Pastor An Yankui (see this report).

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