Persecution & Prayer Alert

"Who will arise and plead my right
and guard from numerous foes?
When earth and hell increase my plight,
my anxious worry grows!
'God, hold my sliding feet,' I cried.
'Your statutes are my stay;
Your mercies, constant by my side,
must guide me in Your way.'"
~ Hymn lyrics by Isaac Watts 

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Abudlawali Kijwalo and Hajat Habiiba Namuwaya
Abudlawali and Hajat
Photo: Morning Star News

Three recent incidents of violence against Christians in Uganda reveal the costs of following Christ. For believers in this African nation, opposition can come from many directions, even close family members, and may potentially result in serious injury or death.

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Pastor Vinod (inset) and his wife, Sunita. - Photos: Morning Star News
Ask God to comfort Pastor Vinod Kumar's wife and daughter.
Photos: Morning Star News

In the village of Sangoi, which is located in northern India, Pastor Vinod Kumar had been sharing his faith for over two months with a man who was recently released from prison on bail. The Hindu man, Sonu Kashyap, had even been to the pastor's home for prayer. However, Sonu had rejected any call to faith in Christ.

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Man alone at sunset - Photo: Pixabay
May Algerian believers sense the Lord's presence with them.

"Ahmed" (not his real name due to security concerns) knows well the cost of following Christ. When the Algerian man became a Christian in April 2013, his wife began seeing positive changes in his life. As a result, three months later, she also professed her faith in Christ.

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Shafqat Emmanuel & Shagufta Kausar - Photo: Family
Thank God for Shafqat and Shagufta's safety.
Photo: Family

In Pakistan, many Christians have been falsely accused of blasphemy, resulting in years of imprisonment. If released, their lives are frequently in greater danger outside of prison due to the threat of mob violence --- posing them to conditions that are far more serious than those they faced while in prison. To learn more about what life is like for Christians in Pakistan, and to read about the situations they have encountered, go to our country report.

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