Persecution & Prayer Alert

"Who will arise and plead my right
and guard from numerous foes?
When earth and hell increase my plight,
my anxious worry grows!
'God, hold my sliding feet,' I cried.
'Your statutes are my stay;
Your mercies, constant by my side,
must guide me in Your way.'"
~ Hymn lyrics by Isaac Watts 

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Shafqat Emmanuel & Shagufta Kausar - Photo: Family
Thank God for Shafqat and Shagufta's safety.
Photo: Family

In Pakistan, many Christians have been falsely accused of blasphemy, resulting in years of imprisonment. If released, their lives are frequently in greater danger outside of prison due to the threat of mob violence --- posing them to conditions that are far more serious than those they faced while in prison. To learn more about what life is like for Christians in Pakistan, and to read about the situations they have encountered, go to our country report.

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Parent praying - Photo: Morning Star News
A father prays for students at a breach in the school’s wall.
Photo: Morning Star News

Shooting wildly, armed assailants breached the walls of Bethel Baptist High School in the early morning of July 5th. More than 100, and possibly as many as 164, students at this boarding school in Maraban Rido (located on the outskirts of Kaduna State's capital), are still missing after being kidnapped by militants as part of a coordinated attack. The suspected Fulani militants overcame security guards, initially abducting almost all of the school's 180 students at gunpoint. A few of the students fortunately managed to escape.

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Botrous Badawi - Photo: Morning Star News
Botrous Badawi recovering in hospital.
Photo: Facebook via Morning Star News

Masked gunmen attacked a government religious affairs worker on the night of July 2nd, threatening to kill him for supporting the return of church properties to Christian communities. Botrous Badawi, a Christian and advisor to the minister of Sudan's Ministry of Religious Affairs and Endowments, was travelling south of Khartoum when a group of bandits forced his vehicle to stop. Armed with assault rifles, they beat him and threatened to kill him if he continued to advocate for the return of a property that was confiscated from the Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Church.

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Man praying with mosque in the background
Pray that Christians will experience the Lord's peace and strength.

A Christian believer in Saudi Arabia, who was identified in previous Persecution & Prayer Alert reports as "A" or "Adam," has been sentenced with a large fine for allegedly attempting to convert Muslims to Christianity, as well as assisting his sister to flee the country. The accused believer was given 30 days to pay the fine unless an appeal was granted. (For more details about this situation, see this page.)

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