Persecution & Prayer Alert

"Who will arise and plead my right
and guard from numerous foes?
When earth and hell increase my plight,
my anxious worry grows!
'God, hold my sliding feet,' I cried.
'Your statutes are my stay;
Your mercies, constant by my side,
must guide me in Your way.'"
~ Hymn lyrics by Isaac Watts 

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A delivery being brought through Wu Wuqing's chained door.
Chain-locked door at the minister's home.
Photo: Early Rain Church

Members of the Early Rain Covenant Church in Sichuan, China, continue to face harassment as authorities attempt to shut down their unregistered church. While the head pastor, Wang Yi, is serving a nine-year prison sentence, other members of the church have also encountered consistent persecution.

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Crowd holding flags and raising the
Protests in Myanmar.

A coalition of more than 25 organizations has signed a joint statement expressing deep concerns over the violence committed by security forces in Myanmar against peaceful protesters. The global call to action follows the illegal coup d'état which overthrew the democratically elected government on February 1st. This signed statement especially spotlights how the military has been destroying places of worship in their crackdown. Religious and ethnic minorities have been targeted, resulting in an increasing number of internally displaced persons.

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Man standing by burned out bus. - Photo: VOM Poland
Photo: The Voice of the Martyrs Poland

More than 130 civilians in Burkina Faso were indiscriminately slaughtered during an overnight raid on Yagha village on June 4th. Although no particular group has claimed responsibility for this most recent attack, government officials believe the devastating invasion was the work of one of several Islamic jihadist groups operating in the area.

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Revival Ekklesia Mission Church
Revival Ekklesia Mission Church
Photo: Facebook

For more than 20 years, Phuong Van Tan and Vo Xuan Loan have served at the Revival Ekklesia Mission Church in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. However, in recent months, they became the targets of major opposition and a potential criminal investigation after a COVID-19 outbreak was blamed on the church.

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