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Xingjiang Christian Zhu Jinfeng was holding her monthly Bible study with her elderly neighbors when local police stormed into her home in Urumqi reports ChinaAid Association. The group was dismissed and 60-year-old Zhu was briefly detained before being charged with conducting "illegal" activity and fined 200 yuan (about CAN$34).

Zhu says she plans to appeal her case believing the police’s actions infringed upon her rights.

"Christianity is not a cult, and we are not criminals," Zhu told South China Morning Post. "We do pray for our country, too, in our gatherings."

The Chinese government restricts religious meetings to those monitored by the Three-Self Patriotic Movement and the Catholic Patriotic Association. The government has tried to quash any and all churches that meet outside of these organizations, but further persecution seems to only encourage growth.

ChinaAid founder and president Bob Fu said, "House churches in China which are committed to the sole headship of Christ in the church and to evangelism must operate as illegal groups conducting so-called 'illegal religious activities,' and consequently must be ready to suffer the administrative penalties inflicted by the state."

Pray for China

  • Thank God for His continued faithfulness to Christians in China who continue to meet together and serve Him despite the continual intimidation they face.
  • Pray they will display Christ’s love even to those who persecute them.
  • Ask God to continue growing His church and providing for her spiritual needs.