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On March 10, the Persecution and Prayer Alert reported on a church building being destroyed in the Quechua village of Chucarasi, one hundred miles southeast of the city of Oruro, Bolivia. The local villagers blamed the evangelical Christians for a severe hail storm (for more information, click here).

According to an April 23 report from Compass Direct, a truce has been worked out which requires that the evangelicals "respect" traditional animist customs in return for the right to continue holding worship services in the community. They will not be allowed to rebuild their building. Of the thirty-six evangelicals in the community, three are reported to have returned to animistic practices, due to community pressure. However, the majority remain strong in their faith. Gregorio Conde, who introduced evangelical Christianity to the village, said, "We declared in the meeting that, although we might die for it, we are going to follow Christ. We have vowed to serve the Lord and will never give up."

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