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Pastor Goncharenko - Photo: YouTube / New Life Church
Pastor Goncharenko preaching outside.
Photo: YouTube / New Life Church

Since purchasing a former cowshed in 2002 and converting it into a church building, the New Life Church in Minsk, Belarus, has faced opposition from government agencies. After years of court battles, officials accompanied by bailiffs forcefully entered the place of worship on February 17th, 2021, evicting church members from the building. For more information on the eviction, including a video clip, go to this report.

Since the congregation no longer had a building in which to meet, the members immediately began gathering in the church's adjacent parking lot; something they have been doing for more than six months – even throughout the cold winter season. However, government officials are now warning Pastor Goncharenko that such meetings must cease or he will face prosecution. The sentence for organizing and participating in illegal meetings can be up to four years of imprisonment. Despite the warnings, the pastor insists that the church will continue to meet.

Letters to the church allege that neighbouring residents have complained about noise from the outdoor meetings. However, the church states that they have only received a concern once, after which they immediately turned down the volume of their speakers. In consideration, they have also adjusted their meeting times to take place around midday to ensure that the surrounding neighbourhood is awake. Although the city has offered the New Life Church two alternate places to rent, one building is too small to accommodate the large size of the growing church, and the other is too expensive and a considerable distance away.

Please pray that Pastor Goncharenko and the other leaders of the New Life Church will be granted wisdom and guidance as they seek ways in which they can honour the Lord and minister in the community. Ultimately, may these believers' interactions with the authorities demonstrate the love and grace of God. Pray for His blessings upon this growing church, providing them with the resources required to teach and disciple their congregants while reaching out to other community members in Minsk with the message of the Gospel.

Country Information


9,477,918 (July 2020 est.)

Religion (%)
Orthodox (48.3), Catholic (7.1), Other (3.5), None (41.1)

Ethnicity (%)
Belarusian (83.7), Russian (8.3), Polish (3.1), Ukrainian (1.7), other (2.4), unspecified (0.9)

President Aleksandr Lukashenko (1994)

Government type
Presidential republic in name, although in fact a dictatorship

Legal system
Civil law system.

Source: CIA World Factbook

Pray for Belarus

Pray for increased freedom of religion – not only indicated as mere written words in the country’s constitution but also demonstrated as a living reality in the lives of the oppressed believers. May there be a lifting of restraints on evangelical groups in their efforts to spread the Gospel and plant new churches.


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