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Trinity Western University - Photo: Google
Photo: Google

The Supreme Court of Canada has announced that they will be releasing their decision regarding Trinity Western University's School of Law on Friday, June 15th. The ruling could have wide-ranging implications on the protection of religious freedoms in Canada.

The court will decide whether provincial law societies are permitted to refuse the admittance of graduates from TWU's law school into membership. Objections centre around a community covenant all of its students sign, consisting of a voluntary agreement to abstain from certain practices -- one of which is sexual intimacy outside of heterosexual marriage.

For a summary of the situation and implications, visit The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada's webpage. This page also contains informative video footage, commentaries and legal briefings.

Please pray that the Supreme Court of Canada will respect the religious freedom of this long-standing, reputable university and its students in the upcoming ruling. May the court's decision respect the rights of all citizens, resulting in a favourable outcome -- one that will have no further implications nor negative reactions from those representing the judicial system in a nation originally founded on Biblical principles.

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