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Tshela, DR CongoAccording to reports from the region, nine members of Democratic Republic of Congo's anti-Christian "Muene" sect killed a Catholic priest on August 17 and plundered the Kizu Parish, near Tshela, in the country's northern Bas-Congo province. One of the parish priests, upon seeing the assailants, fled into nearby forest while a second priest was tied up and flogged to death. Tshela police said no arrest had been made.

The Voice of the Martyrs has a partner ministry in DR Congo. Pray that God will give them wisdom as they deal with increasing persecution in their country. Pray that those who are grieving the death of the murdered priest find comfort in the Lord and support from one another (2 Corinthians 1:3-7). Also pray that those who are responsible for this crime will be prosecuted.

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