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Photo: Central Intelligence Agency

As Islam gains influence in this country, militant Muslim groups continue in their aggressive pursuit for greater political hold. Traditional African religions are also growing in number with members claiming that Jesus is a "God of white people." The following are two prayer requests that have been brought to our attention by VOM Australia's ministry representatives.

Nadine, 27, became a believer three years ago. Her parents, who worship the gods of water, tried to convince her to leave Christianity. When Nadine refused, she was rejected by them and forced from the family home. Thankfully, she is now living with a Christian family.

Mbuta, 43, converted to Christianity 11 years ago. While working at a business owned by a Muslim man, it was discovered that Mbuta was a Christian. He was then asked to forsake his faith. When Mbuta didn't comply, his boss forced him to resign. To date, this uncompromising Christian husband and father of five has been without work for three years. Despite the fact that he and his family are suffering, Mbuta has remained steadfast in the Lord.

Praise God for the faithfulness of Nadine and Mbuta who have chosen to follow Him rather than succumb to compromise in the midst of persecution. Pray that His miraculous provision will be made known to these suffering believers, proving to them His sustaining grace and His ability to provide for their every need. Please also pray for the VOM workers who are serving as instruments of the Lord by giving necessary support, encouragement and practical help. May He continue to strengthen the faith of all His people in the DRC so the church there can grow in both faithfulness and number.