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Wusiman Yiming
Photo from ChinaAid

Uyghur Chinese house church leader Wusiman Yiming was released on November 18 from a labour camp in Xinjiang after serving two years of criminal detention for "divulging state secrets" (click here for more information). Authorities had called for a 10-15 year prison sentence for Yiming but significantly reduced the term following international attention. A source who spoke with Yiming stated that he "looks fragile but has a very strong spirit." Yiming, who has been reunited with his wife and two young daughters, expressed his heartfelt thanks to those who have provided care and help to his family members during his imprisonment. (Sources: ChinaAid, Compass Direct)

Praise Jesus for Wusiman Yiming's release! Ask God to bless him as he reconnects with his loved ones. Pray too for the release of Alimujiang Yimiti, another Uyghur Christian who was accused in the same case as Yiming and remains in prison.

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